Why Buyers Invest In Gurgaon?

Gurgaon, the land of Guru Dronacharya of Indian Epic Mahabharta, is these days the sixth-largest city in Haryana. it’s become an important industrial and financial center of Haryana.
it’s one among Delhi’s four major satellite cities and is an element of the National Capital Region of India.
Over the past 10 years city has undergone fast development and construction. A wave of multinational corporations selected to find their decision centers in Gurgaon. The city which has acquired the name of ‘Millennium City’ over the years can even be known as the decision center capital of the world.

Real Estate, automobile, retail, and banking area unit are alternative major industries. Gurgaon additionally contains a major producing trade. Car manufacturing facilities embody India’s largest passenger car company, Maruti Suzuki. Hero Honda, the motorcycle company relies on Gurgaon. Retail is another massive trade in Gurgaon, wherever there area unit 43 malls, as well as the largest Mall of India, giving Gurgaon the 3rd highest number of malls in AN Indian city. It contributes over 50% of Haryana’s income tax revenues along with Faridabad. Today, Gurgaon is regarded as the best city in India to work in and the best city in India to live in.
Favorable tax policy by the Haryana government, the construction of buildings by private companies, improvement in the city’s infrastructure by Haryana Urban Development Authority, and its proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport saw the emergence of Gurgaon as one of the most prominent outsourcing and offshoring hubs in the world.

Courtesy:- Gurgaon Mail (February 7, 2022)

Jyoti Jha