Ways To Safeguard Your Plot

Buying a plot of land at a premium location can prove to be a rewarding investment. But how do you protect it from encroachment and other property-related disputes? Here’s what you need to consider

With land getting scarce and appreciating over time, it is prudent to protect your asset. If your plot is a considerable distance away from where you presently live, it will be somewhat difficult to keep an eye on any kind of illegal intrusion. However, there are some ways to keep encroachment at bay.

Hire Legal Experts
Before you purchase any property, make sure you seek legal advice. Legal experts can verify if the land is free from all encumbrances. Besides this, they will validate the owner’s details and ensure that all the necessary documents are in place for the plot purchase

Mutation Entry In Revenue Record
After acquiring the plot of land, ensure that the revenue record mutations are done in your favor. The document can be collected from the revenue office within six months of the property acquisition.

Enlist A Caretaker
A caretaker can be placed in charge of the security and maintenance of the land.

Frequently Visit The Property
Try and visit the property as often as possible. In case you are unable to make regular trips, hire a reputed concierge service that can manage and supervise your property.

 Demarcate The Boundary
One of the most effective ways to prevent encroachment on your land is to physically mark the boundary. A barbed-wire fence is one of the cheaper options and is a great way to keep animals from wandering onto your land.


courtesy: Times Property.com

Jyoti Jha