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Depending on the state, different local and native measurement units like as the bigha, ground, and kanal have historically been used in India to measure land. These benchmarks were established locally and have been in use for a while. Due to the wide regional variation in these unit measurements, it is crucial to convert them to international standard units, often known as widely recognised units or SI units. A land area calculator should also be used to convert local units into SI units in order to determine the precise area of the land and its worth. Hectares, acres, square metres, and square yards are a few of the prevalent land measurement units in India. Other than this, regional units Bigha, Marla, Cent, Guntha, and Ground vary in size from state to state.

Land area measurement units used in North India

The land measurement units used in North India have evolved over time. The archaic system of measuring land was based on the length of a human or animal finger. It was later found that it would be difficult to measure accurately and the same measurement unit is being used for measuring inanimate objects like houses and pieces of furniture.
The modern system of measuring land is based on two fundamentally different parameters, namely area and length. The unit used for measuring area is square metre or square kilometre, while the unit for measuring length is metre or kilometer.The geographical region of North India occupies an area of 1,222,386 square kilometres. There are different measurement units used in different regions to measure land areas. These units include square kilometres, acres, hectare and miles².
In North India, the most commonly used unit is square kilometres (km²). The following table lists the conversion of these measurements as well as their equivalent in hectares and acres.

  • 1 Square Kilometre = 100 Acres = 10 Hectares = 1000 Squares Metres
  • 4 Square Kilometres = 1 Acre
  • 10 Square Kilometres = 1 Hectare

The given unit of measurement for land area in North India is square metres.

Land area measurement units used in South India

Area is the amount of space contained by or within an object or shape. It is commonly measured in square units, such as meters, square yards and acres.
The three most commonly used measurement units used to measure area are:

  1. Square units; such as the meter and the yard.
  2. Hectares; based on the metric system, hectares are 100 meter x 100 meter squares.
  3. Acres; an acre is a unit of land which equals 43,560 ft2 or 4,840 yd2.

Different land measurement units are used in South India. The table below provides the dimensions of each unit and its relation with other units.

Metric System

  • 1 hectare = 100 ares
  • 1 acre = 200 arobas
  • 1 are = 100 square meters or 1000 square meters or 16000 square decameters

As per the Census of India 2011, the total land area of South India is 1,168,890.0 km² which represents the 73.38% of total land area in India. In South India The land area is measured in square kilometres, hectares and square miles. Square kilometre is equivalent to 1000 hectares and one hectare is equivalent to 100 square metres or 10 acres.

Land area measurement units used in East India

The area of land is measured in square kilometres or hectares. The terms are used to measure the size of a particular land area.

Hectare – An international unit of measurement that is equivalent to 10,000 square metres and is approximately the size of a standard football field.

Square kilometre – An international unit of measurement that is equivalent to 1,000,000 square metres and is approximately the size of an international standard-sized rugby field.

People often use square kilometers (km) to measure the size of an area. However, it is not the only unit of measurement that is used in East India. The conversion from one unit to another may also be necessary when you are dealing with different measurements. To make things more confusing, some countries still use obsolete units like acres and square chains in their day-to-day life. For example, in Myanmar, people use acres instead of km to measure the size of their land.

The metric system is a system of units that are used to measure various quantities, such as length and mass. One of the reasons it was adopted by the scientific community was the convenience in calculations. Countries around the world have been adopting it as their system of measurement since 1875.

The following are some land area measurement units used in East India: acre, hectare, square kilometer

Land area measurement units used in West India

The unit of measurement for land area in India is the Hectare and not the Acre. The use of Hectares is widespread in India but it’s also used as a unit of measurement in many countries worldwide, such as Nepal, Liberia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

It’s used as a measure of land area and not volume. The hectare is equal to 10 000 square meters or 2.47 acres (1 hectare = 2.47 acres).

The acre was originally a unit of judgment or assessment by area that existed before England adopted the metric system and it was legally redefined in 1959 at its current size to be only 4560 square yards or 4300 square feet (the approximate size of one foot).

The following list of land area measurement units are used in West India Inches, feet, metres, kilometres

This is a list of units used to measure land area in West India units are:
1 acre (ac) = 43,560 square feet (ft²) = 4,840 square yards (yd²) = 0.405 hectare (ha) -> 1 acre = 4,840 sq yd or 0.405 ha

1 hectare (ha) = 2.471 acres -> 100 ha = 241 acres

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