2022 Could Be An Apt Year To Invest In A Luxury Home

Prospective home-buyers preferences for larger homes, higher amenities, and engaging evaluation can keep them interested to seal the deals. Hence, demand for luxury homes is predicted to be optimistic in 2022.

The higher finish of the property market (properties cost accounting Rs 1 Cr* and above) has done more and more higher in 2021.
From being concerning 21% of all primary sales in 2020, they constituted about 23 % of the full primary sales, unconcealed Knight Frank analysis. a replacement survey by a luxury residential and international property practice conjointly explicit that quite 1/4th of high-net-worth luxury home-buyers purchased realty within the last 18 months.

All this information solely goes on to indicate that as a result of individuals being confined to their homes for long periods, the demand for homes with ultra-modern amenities has seen associate degree dealings. As per specialists, the Covid-19 amount has created a reset within the luxury residential market, and sales square measure higher compared to pre-Covid-19 levels with patrons observing larger and upgraded living areas.


Courtesy: Times Property(02 February 2022)

Jyoti Jha