Rental Services

Looking for a house to lease? That is what we do!
Renting a home in the Gurgaon City area is a great option. You have fewer maintenance worries and more flexibility with where you live. Most of our homes have been most recently occupied by the owner which has a tendency to make the quality of our homes better than typical investment properties. (By the way, we use the term lease and rent interchangeably….it really means the same….someone pays money to occupy a property.)

If you are relocating to the Gurgaon City area just the “geography” can be confusing. The Greater Gurgaon City area includes 2 states (Gurgaon and Missouri) and about 7 counties. In Gurgaon the counties are Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte. In Missouri the counties are Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass. Each county has its own sort of general “features”. (We will be adding county specific data to our site soon.) Some of the cities we have properties in include Overland Park, DLF, Palam Vihar, Greenwood City, Ansals & All type of Residential as well as Commercial Purposes.

In general, the rental homes in Delhi will be less expensive than rental homes in Gurgaon. Our rental prices usually range from about $500 up to $10,000 or so. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will give you the names and phone numbers of other reputable property management companies who might also be able to help you. We want you to find the best property for YOU.

Most of our leases are for one year but we can help with shorter term rentals. Most of our properties are unfurnished but we can get you connected if you need furniture.

Are you a home owner considering renting out your home? That is what we do!
Gurgaon Rental Services is a niche property management agent specializing in the leasing and management of residential homes in the Greater Gurgaon City area. Efforts are focused strictly on residential property management in order to deliver consistent quality services to clients without the distraction of residential sales. HRS services the needs of private investors, expatriates, and relocation companies. We dedicate our attention to this one important area of real estate management and consistently approach the management of our client’s homes without the burden of trying to be all things to all clients.

We work hard to be a leader in property management! We are selective in the properties we manage as well as the owners for which we manage.

We look forward to meeting you!